Fall is here

Fall is here and you know what that means!! Boots, coats, scarfs, gloves and all those yummy warm feeling accessories!



Viva Mexico

Hello My readers, 

I would like to share a bit of who I am. 

My parents were born in Mexico and my grandparents were also born in mexico.

Although I was born in San Diego, CA my parents raised me in Tijuana, Mexico. 

You have probably heard many stories about Tijuana, and yes at times it has been a dangerous place it’s still my

hometown and most Importantly I consider my self a Mexican woman, yet to some people I am a “chicana” 

My parents did not raise me in the USA until I was 17 years old, so I don’t really consider my self under that label. 

One thing that you should know is that the presidential elections are getting close for mexico, they are happening on July 1st and for me is very important this election. I know I don’t live in Mexico any more or my parents, but many of my other family lives there and my friends. Mexico has been run by a bad political parties in the last 100 years, and it has made a bad reputation around the world, I believe that its time for a change, and for the first time in those 100 years teens, youth, young adults are getting involved and are voicing their opinions, their interested in how they country will be run, and how that is going to effect them. There has been a lot of disturbing events happening lately and they have not been televised by the biggest corporation which is Televisa, They do not report the movements that the community is doing and who they are trying to vote for, since Televisa is in favor of a certain political party. The funny thing is that the political party they are supporting married one of the actresses of Televisa. Mexico  saddens me on their corruption and their lack of education, yet its such a beautiful place, If you have not been there, I am telling you that you will not regret traveling to mexico and all of their destinations. 

I am not particularly hyped about one political party but the PRD is the one that seems to give HOPE to the people, and its the second time or third time around for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to run for presidency. 

I really hope he wins, MEXICO needs CHANGE and people are tired and exhausted of their low paying jobs, the corruption, lack of resources for education and just the fact that prior political parties just steal and laugh in the face of the nation. 

I am not eligible to vote in Mexico since I was not born there, but my heart goes out to send good vibes and hope for of the people that seek change, that seen an opportunity, that seek for the growth of Mexico.