About Mara Lee


Styling from the inside to have an AMAZING outside.

Mara Style Me is about Love, Empowerment, Style, and Inspiration.

I Hope I can be an Inspiration and leader for many.

In my search for Inner peace I hope to touch others, and to move mountains.

Mara Style Me is about about you, and me, is about us, it’s about the everyday woman that tries to make it in life. Is about healing and breaking down those blocks that keep us stuck from moving on to a greater life.

I hope you enjoy it and take all that resonates with you! 



Mara Lee

Educational and Spiritual Background :

Mara Acosta is about Love, Empowerment, Healing, and Inspiration.  She went to San Diego State and graduated with a BA in Psychology.  She has her life coaching certification.  She is a Montessori Certified Teacher.  Mara does work with emotional healing along with Angel readings.  She received her education and certificate from Reiki Time.  


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