Love Liberates – Maya Angelou

It was a hard concept for my to grasp when it came to loving someone freely. I used to think it meant let them free to do as they wish even if they hurt you. No, it does not mean they are free to hurt you and as a consequence you are depleted, yet you must put up with it, because you “love” them. No, Love does not mean being disrespectful, putting down others, hurting them physically, trying to change them, or trying to control them. In this video you can see that true unconditional love lets a person be, but the respect is never lost since one can recognize the unconditional love you respect it. Maya’s mother never tried to change her daughter she just admired her and let her know how much she loved her.

If we as a society could learn to love one another without trying to change each other and respecting our views, I truly believe we would probably be more on the same page than so far apart. This would probably be a more unified world. As I mention in my first line it was hard for me to understand this, since I was raised with other ideologies ( which I don’t judge my parents for it, since they did not know better) they just weren’t the best, but that meant I had the opportunity to search for them and along the way many lessons came with this research.

It’s a hard task, but not an impossible task, learning to love another human being without judgment, and just accept them for who they are.. it does take a lot of out of us, meaning we have to put our ego out and hopefully out forever. I am still in this learning process, although I am more conscious about it, so when it happens I can recognize my ego being a pain in the ass and stop myself from hurting others, or wrecking a relationship ( any kind of relationship). Just to be clear when I say to love another person I don’t mean just romantically, I mean universally, your parents, siblings, family, friends, boss, the lady who lives up stairs and doesn’t let you sleep, you name it. Yes, of course there are stronger feelings for some, yet it’s unconditional love, accepting the person for who they are, that’s the important part of it all. I continue to learn and I hope to master it sooner than later.

Have a wonderful mid-week.

May Maya Angelou rest in peace, I am so grateful for all her beautiful thoughts, that became poetry, lessons, and hope for many.


Mara Acosta

Oh Darling

The beatles have always been and will always be one of my favorite bands of all times.
They totally revolutionized music industry and the power that music has over people.

This song is not so popular, but it’s the soul it carries that moves me and creates a sensation of melancholy and sweet bitterness.
The Beatles have been part of my childhood and family gatherings, they made history in my life. Oh Darling!