Funny Little Creature

Funny little creature that I am. Sometimes I cry for no reason, sometimes I laugh for a certain reason that only I know. Sometimes I miss places, people and things, but I can only let it be.
There is nothing wrong with me, I just got a bit lost, I found my way and I am going straight, some believe in me, some do not, but the person that I care the most it’s I. I believe I can, and I know that I will arrive. Like a goat slow, but steady never moving back, just moving forward.
Today is a Tuesday, and tomorrow I do not know, but I must be present today, since that is all that I got. Never I thought I would learn this much and I would love this much, and I would hurt this much, but I beat, and beat like a drum… that means I am alive, which means I have a chance to move on.

I am a funny little creature sometimes bubbly sometimes woobly. I never know what life will pitch me, but I know that I will homerun to love and harmony, I know I will give with open arms and I know I will never lose faith in the universe.
In me I believe I can.


-Mara Lee 


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