New Beginnings

Life never stops, or is ever still, life moves up and down, side to side in circles in zigzags in unknown shapes. Life is a constant change and I believe that it’s beautiful. I used to detest change it made me nauseous and anxious, it just made everything uncertain.

Yet, change doesn’t have to be horrible, painful, nauseous or cause anxiety. Change should be embraced with love and tenderness. As it may not be easy to go through change, especially when it was unexpected. My life has gone through so many changes in the last four months and even though I was scared of what was coming, as each day passes I am loving this change.

I am currently now living in my new apartment in West Hollywood, have a great new job, and just embracing everyday and being present of what each day holds for me.

The first step I took was just to accept that things, people,and feelings are not forever. They can be part of our life, yet they are just part of it. Learning to detach from it all its the most liberating feeling. ( Knowing that nothing is forever it’s quite amazing) Even though we do wish our parents, children, significant others’ are around forever, the truth of the matter is that their  not always going to be around. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying I don’t believe in long lasting love can’t live without you love. ( I DO) but even that ends when one parts this earth. Just knowing that nothing is forever does help get detached to things here on earth (a lesson I learn from A course in miracles).

After knowing and accepting this idea I felt more free and knew that if something was not working, happening, and being with me is for the mere reason that something better was coming my way. This is change in the making. Yes, change can hurt and it hurt me a lot, but I decided not to suffer about it. Although it is important that you let it all out, by crying, writing, talking about it, running, meditating, however you just want to let it all out.

So, you may ask yourself, how does one not suffer, when it hurts so much? Well, I decided not to dwell about it all day long, I give that hurting situation a moment in my day ( when I sit down and meditate about it) I feel my feelings, I let them be, meaning if  I am mad about something in that moment I am mad, and I say it and I admit to myself how mad I am. That also goes for other feelings such as, sadness, happiness, resentfulness, pity, stoked or whatever that I want to let out. ( Yes, happy feelings are welcome here too) Then, once I have admitted how I felt, I just ask that they take away those negative feeling and that I will be grateful for being alive one more day, and I am grateful for all the things that I have, that I feel, that I am capable of and realize that there is so much more out there. ( Happy feelings I just ask that they continue on, but not to blind me from making the right decisions.) Send love and Light if you are hurting from a broken heart, send ligh and lovet to those who hurt you, it’s always amazing to be humble ( you will feel better!).

Lastly, once all this happens you can continue on your day, and know that you already set the standards for your day, you put that energy to work. Like when you drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up to start your digestive system the same way you start your day. You start your day with positive energy by letting those “negative” feelings out so you don’t have to drag them all day long like a bag full of rocks that cause all that pain and suffering.

Change is the road to transformation ( Eat, Pray, Love inspiration) ever since I heard that, I learned to appreciate change and see it as a beautiful challenge, a test life has given me to go on to the next level of greatness of being a better version of myself. Don’t be afraid of being a better you, let that fear guide you and listen to your gut feeling, how does it make you feel? Embrace change with love and compassion and just let it be.



Mara Lee



Funny Little Creature

Funny little creature that I am. Sometimes I cry for no reason, sometimes I laugh for a certain reason that only I know. Sometimes I miss places, people and things, but I can only let it be.
There is nothing wrong with me, I just got a bit lost, I found my way and I am going straight, some believe in me, some do not, but the person that I care the most it’s I. I believe I can, and I know that I will arrive. Like a goat slow, but steady never moving back, just moving forward.
Today is a Tuesday, and tomorrow I do not know, but I must be present today, since that is all that I got. Never I thought I would learn this much and I would love this much, and I would hurt this much, but I beat, and beat like a drum… that means I am alive, which means I have a chance to move on.

I am a funny little creature sometimes bubbly sometimes woobly. I never know what life will pitch me, but I know that I will homerun to love and harmony, I know I will give with open arms and I know I will never lose faith in the universe.
In me I believe I can.


-Mara Lee