Hello to all, 

Today I felt inspired, after many days of distance I finally was able to write. 

It has been a rough couple of weeks, with many roller coaster rides in my life lately, but they have taught me so much.

They have shown me that no matter how bad things may seem, there is always a ray of sun shining that will warm your heart and let you know that there is hope. Life challenges can be pretty hard, specially when they come all together at once. The most surprising thing about this was that I was able to keep my calm. Yes, it has hurt, and it hurt deep inside, yet I was strong and at peace, and the only way I was able to endure this was a result of my meditations. Giving my worries to God and letting the Universe support me. 

All of the work I have done and dedication to my spiritual growth have incredibly helped on this process. Just to sum it up in simple words, I had a break up of a 3 year relationship ( which we lived together), Had a car accident, and left with no job. 

It seems like a tragedy but, it wasn’t and it isn’t. It has giving me a better perspective and taught me the most important lesson. It taught me to let my ego on the side and trust that whatever is coming is for the better. That God has a better plan than what I had planned myself. So, let the ego on the side and believe, from the bottom of your heart, from the center of your soul that everything is going to be ok, and that the universe supports you. I know that it seems very tempting to try to control the outcome of things. I did. I tried to control the outcome of my relationship, I wanted to prevent this break up and I was willing to give up on many of my dreams just to stay, but how could I compromised myself like that? 

I figured the only reason I could ever do that to myself was because I did not have Faith that God and the Universe would support me. After many meditations and opening my heart to God I realized that only he can take care of the outcome. Whether I go back to that relationship or not, he has an amazing plan. Just let the Ego on the side and you will see miracles happen. 

Have an Amazing week! 


Mara Lee 


Infinite love

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