Donde va tu Atencion va tu Energia


Taking it slow

Hello my readers, 

      It’s funny that I decided as my title to take it slow, since today my heart was racing and felt so upset. I have not felt this way in such a long time. I felt disappointed and so out of control. Out of control of not being able to help who I am here to help at this moment in time. I am a Montessori teacher as well and I am currently teaching toddlers. I am a strong believer in the Montessori method , so I am taking advantage that were I work they want to make “changes” to fully impart the method. So, I been given it my all, I mean moving furniture, creating more material, and trying to implement all that I am learning. Yes, so as you may foresee this is all an Illusion, a lie, a plain lie. Because in actuality they don’t want to change, I don’t have their support and administration does not have the passion to do things they way they should go, according to the method. After all my heart work, I get my co-lead teacher to talk bad about my arrangements and my effort. She is apparently not happy since now she actually has to do the work she is suppose to do.  This really got my so upset and so sad today that all I did was to get really furious, but now all I need is to take it slow and take a step back. I need to breath, I need to close my eyes and meditate and just surrender to this feeling and give it to God. He is the only one that can handle this and make it all better. I am here to do as he wishes, I am just a channel for his teachings. I send light and love to all at my work, I send light and love to my co-lead teacher, I send love and light to my assistants. I know that this is a blessing and that something good will come from it. I know who I am and where I stand and is only with the unconditional love and the power of the universe that I will get where I need to get. 

If you have ever felt this way, please let me know. Let me know about your story and how you handle it. What is it that you learn. 


I send you all love and light and don’t forget to smile because the universe loves you!