Love Sunglasses


Hello to all!


When you are in a situation where you are feeling offended, attacked, or just not comfortable with, have you asked yourself why I am feeling this way? Are these feeling coming from what the other person is saying?, if that is so, do you actually believe that of yourself? Or, are these feeling touching your buttons from past situations?  That’s a lot of questions, yet they are necessary in order to step out of those situations where you are feeling offended, attacked, or uncomfortable. Since no one has the power to make you feel that way, especially if those “accusations” are not true. Others will have the power if you want to give it to them, but you must understand who has the power. Yes, it’s YOU who has the power to either feel good, or not so good about yourself. You are the healer of your body, you carry that inner guidance that will lead you to greatness and happiness.


         Yes, there are mean and nasty people out there, but we decide if we get caught up in their mean and nasty world. I used to fall for that “trick” all the time. I would be like a caught fish, hooked on that fishhook, as redounded as it may sound, that is how I would get in certain situations. Especially with my father I would not let things go and I believed all those mean things he would say to me. I grew up thinking that I was no deserving of an amazing life, and that I had to suffer to get whatever I wanted. Now, I understand why my father is the way he is, and I just see him with loving eyes and accept him and love him just the way he is. He had no one to show him better and he thought that tough love was the way to show love. I no longer get hooked with his words because they are just words. I believe in the woman that I am and the love that resides in me, the love that makes me shine and that nothing in the world can take it away.

I know I am not perfect and have many things to learn and I forgive myself for any mistakes. I accept myself and carry on with my life spreading love to others; I may not be little miss sunshine all day everyday because life happens. I’ve just learn to step outside the situations ask all those questions from the beginning and put on my LOVE glasses, one of my favorite accessories that will never go out of style.


Enjoy your day, remember that every minute that passes is an opportunity for change.


Don’t forget to smile because the Universe Loves You!!




Mara Lee


Drawing by: Mara Lee 


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