“We often must become painfully aware of the unworkability of a pattern before we’re willing to give it up.  It seems, in fact, that our live get worse rather than better when we begin to work deeply on ourselves. Life doesn’t actually get worse; it’s just that we feel our own transgression more because we’re no longer anesthetized by unconsciousness.” – Marianne Williamson,  A Return to Love 


It’s never easy, but it’s not impossible. It will only be hard if you want it to be hard. It all comes down to your perception.

I find myself currently in this position, where it seems like things are just not getting where I want them to be, but it’s all part of the shift I am doing

right now. It’s the old patterns of not having the patience for things to happen on their own I want to control the outcomes, but I can only do so much.

The most important thing on these type of moments when things seem to look “bad” it’s just to sit down and ask the universe, “What would you have me do, Where would you have me go, and What would you have me say?” Be open to be a channel of life, a messenger, a miracle worker. Once you come into consciousness you will see things differently, you will be open and see the miracle happen right in front of your eyes.


Have a wonderful Thursday!!

It’s almost friday!

Don’t forget to smile because the Universe Loves YOU!




Mara Lee


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