It just gets better

There are times when I become very annoying, I am even annoyed with myself. I get into a very negative and childish behavior because things are not the way I want them to be. Yes, its my ego, my ego in it’s fullest potential. Before I would think it was “ok” to behave this way because I  would put myself in the victim’s position, poor me. Now, it’s different once you have gained awareness you can’t pretend you don’t know that those tantrums come from the ego. This happend 4th of july, I had an ego moment, It took me a while to overcome the feeling, Iat first I decided to just become quiet and not say anything, I became a little prideful, it did not feel good. It was as if my old self was fighting with me new self, my new self wanted to just see love, but my old self kept looking  through the negative eyes. I finally just surrendered and let things happen. I started to enjoy my day opened my heart, and started to smile.

The answer to this situation was shifting my perception and surrendering. Do not get confused that if you surrender you give in and others “win” it is not a competition, its living in peace, surrendering means not getting attached to outcomes. We can not control everything or everyone, we are here to live in the moment. Just enjoy your day savor the moment.

When ever you feel like the outcome it’s not what you expected, surrender to the moment. There may be something better than you expected, in my case I had a much better time than I had pictured in my head. When you feel you are in one of those moments just tell yourself SURRENDER, deep breath in, and let it out by letting go the ego, and all of that control.

It’s the start of the week, practice, practice, practice…

Don’t forget to smile because the Universe LOVES YOU!!


Mara Lee





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