Style Me Thursday

Yeii! it’s thursday, and I know you are happy and you know it, because it’s almost friday.

I am currently on my week off vacation and I am actually not wanting the days go by. I want to continue just working from home and keep networking and learning all I can learn. I want to just read and read for days and soak  all of the knowledge from great minds. I am currently reading Marianne Williamson’s book ” A Return to Love” which is amazing and I want to read all her books. In addition to that I am also listening the que audio book of Eckhart Tolle ” A New Earth” which is completely opening my mind and letting the light in, and this is just a glimpse to all that there is to learn.

I find myself sometimes in between worlds, what I mean is that I grew up in a traditional home where social expectations are high and guilt is the tool #1 to get things done. From the guilt, shame and fear would take over. Which it would all boil down just to fear, fear being the main source of all “evil” and I don’t mean evil as a biblical sense, but sometimes  it felt like hell on earth. The expectations to be the perfect daughter were always there, at all times. I was reminded constantly that I was not what dad expected. A girl that would never talk back, would not think for herself, that would study for the money and security and would marry wearing white a prince charming. I have not done none of those, but for a long time felt guilty. I was happy I did not do as they told me, but I could not actually feel happy.  I felt guilty and always trying to see if they could approve what I did, always looking for that pat in the back from my father.

As I started my journey in to spirituality I realize that life it’s about feeling whole, no matter what the external world may think or do. I have to be whole from the inside in order to portray and carry that out to the world. I would fill up my closet with shoes, bags, clothes and all the vain things you can think of, but none of that mattered. I was just trying to cover that void with senseless things. I’ve attached myself to materials things. Then I decided to open my heart and letting my inner guidance, the goddess in me lead the way. It has not been a smooth journey and there is so much more to learn. Yet, once you see the path and what awaits for you there is no going back, there is just moving forward to blissfulness, to peace, to unconditional love.

I will dedicate this space on Thursday’s  for questions, ideas, situations from my readers and/or questions I will pose for people to start styling the inside. Start shifting their thought, and start to feel alive, feel their emotions, connect to your inner guide again. We have always been connected, but the outside world has given us a shot of numbness to not feel that connection, to just follow the heard. Once we get connected and in tune, all the light and all that love will rush in and will fill you up with love and joy like you have never experience before. I am here to walk the journey with you. To hold your hard and let you know that YOU CAN DO IT, We CAN do it!.

Let’s style our inside to have an amazing outside, and of course we need the clothes that we buy and there is no denying that fashion comes from creativity. We should be able to appreciate and if we love to style, let’s do it. Just remembering that clothes or other material things do not make us who we are, they are just part of what we like. What is inside us, that unconditional love is who we are.

Have an amazing day! Don’t forget to smile because the universe LOVES YOU!


Mara Lee



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