Hello my readers,


its Monday again and I love it! It’s going to be an amazing week and I know it because I hold the key to my happiness. I choose to see love over any situation that may come up. I shall see pass the negative and just see the love.

I know it’s not an easy assignment, but it all depends on the way se re-act to situations. See these situations as gifts, gifts that in order to be able to open them we should have patience until it’s time. Shifting your perception it’s part of the opening of the gift. Once you see this gift (the lesson) you will receive something amazing and even much more of what you where expecting. Yes, expect MIRACLES!

We are all faced with situations everyday, but just changing the words we even use makes it all just better. So, test your new perceptions, play with words.

Like when you have a baby that is starting to talk you don’t want your baby to learn the bad words. Parents then exchange the words such as Fuck they exchange it for Duck. OH DUCK! haha it’s all how you shift your energy.  You have the power to make your life amazing.

So, by changing your perceptions you are styling your inside, you are creating a higher vibration and your outside its looking amazing to everyone around you.


Dont’t forget to use your affirmations as well when you have this situations, they can help you shift your emotions and ground you. They are tiny reminders of your greatness.

Don’t forget to smile because the universe loves you!


Mara Lee


Affirmation Monday

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