Amma an amazing experience

Hello my readers, 

    I had an amazing experience last night, I got hugged by Amma and internationally known guru from India. She is an amazing woman who touches the world with love and helps many from hunger, devastations, traumatic events and where ever love and help is needed. She came to me in an email message from a the reiki academy that I subscribed to about a year ago. Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani So, she announce of the coming of Amma to LA and when I read it, it called to me, and I automatically knew I had to go. 

I was not sure how this worked, it said that the ceremony lasted the whole night and that you would get an embraced by Amma. I read a little bit online and I wanted to meet her even more. As the day got closer one of my student’s mom mentioned Amma and that they where going, for me that was a sign that I HAD to go. Amma was last night on a friday, thursday things got bad at work and it culminated to me leaving my job that thursday ( I quit) but I am not sad. 

It was a great thing I need to do, so things got aligned so I could go meet Amma, since it was a free event many people go see her and It can take hours to hug Amma. I arrived early which means I got good token number. Since I was early I was able to sit in for Devi Bhava and hear her speak live,  then followed by Atma Puja a ceremony for world peace. Then the embrace its called Darshan a unique tender motherly embrace. It was an amazing experience that I never thought I would have the chance to experience. I would love to know more about her so maybe she could be my guru. She lifted the people with OM and with beautiful words that had a lightness to it, that made your heart smile. 

Today I woke up with a higher vibration with a more clear understanding of my path. All I want to do is to see people through the eyes of love. I invite you all to sit down for meditation just 5 minutes if you can, watch your breathing and fill your self with love and light. 

I have a strong calling to help people through spirituality. My coaching practice will be filled with Reiki healing, Kundalini yoga, positive psychology, Angels and Unconditional love. 


Have a wonderful and amazing Saturday, enjoy your day and be present. 

Remember to always smile because the universe loves you!


To know more about Amma: 



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