All is Well



Happy Friday to All!!

Hello my readers,


There are days like today that seem heavy. I woke up not in the best of all moods. But it’s friday!! I know, I know!

It’s seem to me like it was going to be a day to do many things, but my fear of success stops me sometimes from sitting down in fron of the computer and posting on my blog. I was afraid I did not have enough knowledge or skills to do this or to be up to standards. To who’s standards  you may ask?? Again a story in my imagination to stop me from following my dreams. Then last week I went to listen to Marianne Williamson, ( which I started to go every monday now) and by my fear was answered. I didn’t even know it had a question, but when Marianne said “just be of service” it was an answer to this fear. I do not need to be an expert in life, or an expert on everything in order to come and sit down and write to all.

So, as I was saying I felt it was going to be a heavy day, but little by little everything started to feel lighter. By just repeating “All is Well”

All is well is a powerful affirmation to bring me back and  ground me. Along with deep breathing and just sitting down and just letting go whatever is bothering me or keeping me awake at night. It’s all practice and the most important part is to do it with feeling, intention, and thoughtfulness.

Feel that All is Well.

Have the Intention for All to Be Well.

Thoughtfulness: All is Well in your mind.

All is well and everything is as it should be, I just need to sit down be consistent and keep on learning. By the way I am days away from becoming a certified Life Coach!! That I am very excited!

I am in need of practice now, so I will be giving free life coaching sessions. If anyone is interested please send me and email :


Have a wonderful weekend,




Mara Lee




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