Sometimes we want to get ahead of the game in order to prevent certain outcomes. In reality we can’t always do this, and “IF” you control all of your outcomes are we really experiencing life?

Dr. Brene Brown explains how we can get so afraid of joy, and why do we do that. I can honestly say I have had this bad habit of being afraid of being too happy. But how did this idea creep in me, how did it take over my positive thinking, as I look back I can see where it came from and I want to let go. I forgive myself for believing that you can’t never be too happy or I am not deserving of this. Although, I am very grateful for this lessons, I learn to become aware and break away. I can now teach others to break away. As a chain of reaction maybe just by touching ONE person we could shift the energy of this beautiful planet, and make it shine, which is the real intention. To shine and thrive as a harmonious planet.



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