“Ninety-nine pe…

“Ninety-nine percent commitment is not possible. We are either 100 percent or not committed at all. I was amazed to discover this, because I had made a lifestyle out of tepid commitments that turned out to be noncommitments. I was just conning myself that I was partly committed. I had adapted to the pain of early rejection with the decision ‘Don’t play.’ If I didn’t play, I wouldn’t have to face losing. And if I were forced to play, I could always play halfheartedly. If I lost, I could say it didn’t matter, because I wasn’t trying. It took me many years to realize that I wasn’t even in the game if I was not committed. My body might have been out on the field, but my soul was on the bench. Soulless play is worse than no play at all.” ~ Gay Hendricks

Hello my readers, 


Sometimes we think that being committed to something or someone is a bad thing. Why do we think is a bad thing?? Sometimes we pre-dispose ourselves to failure. We think things may not work so it’s easier not to commit so it won’t hurt at the end. 

But is it really worth it, will we really enjoy it to the fullest?? I ask my self.

I personally believe that I rather give all my self to whatever that needs my commitment and see where it takes me, because it could be something amazing, yet don’t forget to enjoy every little bit of it. The good and the bad it’s all part of what makes situations, things, relationships unique. So I rather play the game and even if I lose I know I did my best and will not forget the lesson that it may teach me. 

So, go out there and commit to something or someone you LOVE! 

(please, don’t over commit either) always keep your balance. 

Don’t forget to smile because life loves you! 



Mara Lee 


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