Brighten Your Home

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Hello my readers,


I am a lover of beautiful and what is more than important is to have a beautiful environment.

One of the most important spots, is your HOME. Yes your home!

Is where you should feel comfortable, relaxed its your sanctuary. Take some time and take a tour around your home and see where you can make some improvements.

Maybe moving furniture around or buying a pretty lamp to make things brighter.

Here are some Items to consider:



Picture Frames

Prints of beautiful Sceneries



New Wall Paper

Throw Pillows

Throw Blankets



Look at the hues that you have and maybe search for a contrasting/or/ opposite color that can brighten up your home.

Hope this was great advice and remember to always smile because life love you!


Mara Lee






“All of this is already in you. The great use it. The non-great do not, so they remain the non-great. Decide upon some thing, situation, or condition that you want right now in your present life. Be definite in this decision. Do not limit your decision by investigating the probable reasons why it will never happen. That is the detour to nothing. All false speculations of defeat have to be ruled out of your consciousness. If they enter into the decision for even a fleeting moment, the decision is robbed of authority and the subconscious mind cannot act upon it. You do not need to know how the final result will come to pass. That is the function of the subconscious. It has ways and means that, if they were known, would stagger the intellect.” ~ Raymond Charles Barker