Neon for the Weekend

Hello my readers,

So this Summer NEON is the “IT” sensation, if you are not wearing a neon color, then, what are you waiting for at least a¬†neckless. Neon its every where on your feet, on your neck even at your house. Neon is so amazing and it has always captivated my eye since I had to do presentations and I always chose the neon posters, yes I was the 6 year old girl with the super bright presentation. Although It really puts me in a better mood when I am wearing a bright color, but Neon gets me in a dangerous mood, but in a good way ūüôā its like having a need to smile all the time. I know, like tour guide barbie hahaha I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful weekend.

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Christian Dior Resort 2013

Hello my readers here is a little something for this Monday.

Here are my top pics from the resort collection 2013 from Christian Dior they are very elegant, yet simple.

This is my kind of look; timeless yet making a statement of the woman you are. This type of design could be worn  through the years making it a great investment and remember ladies taking good care of clothes is very important, just a few extra dollars can last you many years.




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Learning Experience

Helly my readers,

Life is a continuing learning experience, everyday there is something new, or something to improve on.

I am currently taking a Business Communication class at Santa Monica College. Even though I just finish school like 6 months ago, I realized that I was not a happy person with the choices I made and that Psychology as good as it is, its not entirely the path I want to pursuit. After doing research and research and looking inside the person that I am, and the plans I have and where I want to go in life I have finally landed what I want to study. Yes, its Business, but focused on Merchandizing, but most importantly I want to do Graphic Design this will enable me to develop the project that have been hovering over my head over the past 10 years.

I am very exited and can’t wait to get my heads on projects and discovering new ways to create and develop Ideas. Always innovating ¬†is my passion, always keeping up with trends I am very happy to share this with you.

Here are two sketches that I did this morning, nothing fancy, but its that desire to learn more and to just do it!


Readers please follow what moves you, what makes you want to wake up, what brings joy and remember to always have an intention with your career. Always have an intention to benefit others with what you do.


Have a great Thursday.

The Essentials for All Year Long

Hello my readers,

So After much research and debating on what are the essentials one needs to have for any occasion I have a list.

I realize after this research that I am missing most of these pieces, so I have made a pact with myself for the end of this year to have all of these and next year be more than ready to rock them. You may wonder why so much time? But ladies its not easy finding the perfect piece that has the quality, the perfect size and the color that flatters our skin color, and MOST importantly some may be a bit out of our budget so there is saving to do.

With all of that said here is the list.

1. The Blazer

2. The trench coat

3. The navy Sweater ( V neck sweater)

4. The tank top

5.  The Little black Dress

6. The perfect Jeans

7. Trousers

8. Leather Jacket

9. Classic white blouse/ shirt

10. Pencil Skirt

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The Blazer : Should be fitted and not loose that feminine side, you could  style it up with a pin, belt, scarf, it always a nice touch to make the outfit complete. Colors: Black, Beige, Navy Blue, and then go nuts and get corals, or Pink those colors would definitely make you stand out in the crow. The blazer is always a key for work, meetings, or a night out with the girls.

Trench Coat: Camel color is the key, and a fabric that is all seasons. Depending on your height you can choose one that does not make your legs look shorter, but makes you look in style day or night.

The V-neck : Its an essential that goes great with white jeans for summer and brown, camel, beige shoes. Its a traditional outfit, yet it never goes out of style. Many say the v-neck should be Navy Blue, but make it fun, try different colors, just remember that since this is an essential, first get the essential colors, Black, Grey, Navy Blue, and then go wild.

The Tank: Very important this is an essential that must be replenished as often as you may need them, especially in the white. White tanks are life saviors, you can wear them with jeans, trousers, shorts, skirts, whatever you name it. You can even wear them by themselves, but in private of course.  Then the rest of the color spectrum if you wish!

The Little Black Dress:¬†What can I tell you that you already don’t know, they come in different sizes, shapes and forms, just make sure it suits your body and can be worn with heals, flats or boots. You don’t have to just own one, but at least have ONE.

Jeans:¬†Jeans are a women’s best friend, they are always there when you need them, yet we must not lie to ourselves and make sure we buy what fits our body, not what is “in” as a trend, not all trends fit us, so we must be good to our body and not make it suffer with those skinny jeans that are choking our legs and pleading guilty just so you can free them. No ladies be good to your self, but do get your jeans fitted to perfection.

Leather jacket:  You can never go wrong with a leather jacket no matter where you are, unless your in the jungle. The leather jacket gives your outfits that coolness, chick and rebel side of your. Black is the best, but browns, and reds are very fun. The fitter the better, but again make sure your body is comfortable.

Trousers: Trousers are not just for the office, they are the new black. They can go a long way if you just have the right top and shoes. They make you look classic, yet stylish giving you a stronger stand than going with the traditional party dress.

Classic White Shirt: Timeless and clean, takes those jeans look fabulous and you always keep that classy touch.

Pencil Skirt: I dont care the color, or texture as long as you feel great in it the pencil skirt is the best for all occasions, I mean it, All! Christmas, weddings, work, party, dinner  you name it!

Ladies please enjoy your day!!

If you have any questions please write to me and I’ll be happy to answer!