Being a woman..

Being a woman is one of the best things, I have never wanted to be like a man.

I am a woman that doesn’t see nothing, but beautiful things about being a woman, we get to wear pink and blue, and orange, yellow, green, black, white and all the colors of the rainbow without the sexism included.

We are able to give life, and actually feel it in grow in us, we are able to endure labor pain, we are free spirits, we are sisters, mothers, daughters, cousins, granddaughters, best-friends, we are here to hear your problems we are here to love you, nature you, to care for you in sickness and in your worst moments, as well as for your greatest moments.

Let’s not just celebrate our mothers, let’s celebrate all women, at one point or another they have done the same job as a mother with others.

being free, and living happy, living in the present, hoping for the future.

Never stop shining…


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