Trends of Coachella 2012

Trends of Coachella 2012

The annual music festival in Indio Ca, “Coachella Fest” is the “It” event for many around the world. People come from Europe, Central America, Mexico, Canada, you name it. Coachella brings the people together with music, music that makes us happy. This was my first Coachella since they started back in 1999. They have brought many artist from Prince, Madonna, M.I.A., Manu Chau, Roger Waters, Rage Against the Machine, Paul McCartey, Bjork, Florence and the Machine,  to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog. Hundreds of artist have been in their stages and my favorite of all this past weekend was Florence and the Machine she totally rocks my world. Her music her voice her uniqueness rocks every bit. While others were raving about radio head and at the drive in I keep my stand with Florence. I was able to capture some artist up close, and hear their music for the first time making me a student of music, expanding my brain with new beats and melodies never heard before. Coachella left a great Impression on me although the weather was not exactly what I thought it would be, it went beyond it went all over my body making every cell in me have a reaction to the heat and the beat of the music. I must say Coachella made me realize I have to move my body more often. Here is what I captured and the trends that kept appearing, many neon’s fanny packs, boots, headbands, see-thru fabrics and of course tiny shorts and tiny tops. People were just simply amazing.


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