Javiera Mena

Una chica Chilena con mucho estilo y ritmo musical. Estara este sabado en Black Box en Tijuana.BC Mexico

La revista Clinika.tv estara ahi cubriendo todo el evento con flores. Sera una gran noche al ritmo de su voz de esta talentosa chica.


Aqui esta un video con una cancion que me recuerda a mi ninez.

“Yo no te Pido la Luna”


Ready to Wear Color Jeans

Color jeans have been around for many years now, but they come and go and don’t stay for long. This spring and summer be prepared because they came back with a BANG.

Here is a little bit of history in jeans, they are originally from Genoa, Italy a small town were they were fabricated for the sailors and common people. Jeans did not arrive to American until the late 18th century. Eventually they were worn by workers of WWII and men’s jeans had the zipper in the front and women’s down the side.

This information was provided by: http://www.Wikipedia.com


Here are some cool colors that are so in prices range from $15.oo USD to $198.00 Brands from Forever21, Gap, and 7 for all mankind


More about this blog

Hello my readers,

I am currently making my best in creating the best Ideas for you to read. I am collection pieces and bits to wow you!…

Please stay tune! I leave you with one women that inspires me Ali MacGraw and Icon from the 70’s a wild spirit and beautiful woman.

I get inspired by women like her, by sonnets, by music, by moments in my life, by things that spark my mind and move my soul.

There is so much that I want to show you and talent or not, I am finding myself as I do this, and hoping to find the right path, and never stopping.



Mara Lee 

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Nails Nails and More Nails

Nails are starting to become part of our pop culture, they are hip and young and keeping up with the fashion trends. Nail-polish is a must now-a-days no matter what you are wearing, it doesn’t have to match you outfit, but the colors that are in.

Here we have from pastel’s golds to sparkling bling bling nails and some celebrities going with them.

Enjoy ladies.


Mara Lee 

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Happy Women’s Day

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We celebrate women’s day with a bit of the future.. Here we have some designs by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

She demonstrates how we are able to use our imagination and create wonders of the future and does a phenomenal job that inspires me explore so many pathways in design.

Celebramos el Dia Internacional de la mujer con un poco del futuro. Aqui tenemos algunos disenos por Sarah Burton para Alexander McQueen.

Ella demuestra como es capaz de usar la imaginacion y crear lo inesperado para el futuro y hace un trabajo fenomenal que me inspira a explorar las diferentes rutas dentro el diseno.

Pictures by: Style.com